Quotes to Get You Back On Track with Those Fitness Resolutions!

If you are like me- 2012 came with hopes and resolutions for making this the year that have started to fizzle towards the end of January!

So- diving right back in- lets get inspired to get back on track and make this year a turning point for all of us!

Read on and get inspired…

fitness quotes

THIS is the goal right?!?!?!?! LOL! 

fitness quote


fitness quote

This is what I need my head to wrap around. The mentality of “that is just not possible, or that could never be me” is crap! If i was a dedicated and worked as hard as these chicks- I could be right there with them! :)

fitness quote

And if you slip up…….

fitness quote

Any effort is worth more than none.

It may not get you there as fast- but it will get you there eventually. Doing nothing will get you nowhere.

fitness quote

And at the end of  the day remember:


No matter what! Love yourself when you fail, when you attempt and fall short, when you rock it and when you win! Its a process!!!


  1. Pamela says:

    I need these.  My 2012 word is Healthy.  I’ll be copying some of them.

  2. Helena says:

    Adorable! I am working on a diet program for our office and I see some people slacking. I will be sending them a few of these! Thank you

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