Alphabet Scoop Scrabble

Alphabet Scoop Scrabble

How to Play : 

SCRABBLE ALPHABET SCOOP  is the first word game for players as young as five-years-old. Family members of all ages can grab their spoon, roll up their sleeves and dive into the frenzied spelling action in a race to scoop up a three, four or five-letter word. Each player gets a card and selects which word they are aiming to spell. On the count of three, everyone digs in to scoop out the letters needed to spell their word. But watch out for flies in your soup! If you scoop up a fly, you must return all your letter tiles to the bowl and start over again. The first player to spell the word on their card and shout “Yummy!” as they put the lid on the bowl wins!

I have just recently gotten into Scrabble. I had never played until this year! This is a super cute and fun game- and we have even played it with my son who is only 4. Granted- it is not as fast as it cold be when he plays – but I think it is a great learning tool for his spelling and reading skills. Right now we have to read the words to him, but he can figure out when he has found the letters in the “soup bowl” and goes crazy!  It really is a fun game and I can already see he will be great at it in about a year! Very competitive- that little guy! :)  Scrabble Alphabet Scoop

Hasbro has some of the best games for family game night. We love hosting game nights over here and can not wait until the kids are a little older so they can join in and go crazy with us!

Check out Hasbro for your Christmas shopping list. Games are a wonderful gift and a great way to pass the time at the millions of family functions this holiday season! :)


  1. Twyla Rasco says:

    I just played this for the first time with my 7 year old daughter. She loved it and I have to say that it was fun for me too! 

  2. sharon dawson says:

    Hi, i am inquiring to see how i can get a replacement lid for the game, our lid got a crack in it. thank you..

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